In the auto body shop you will find collision repair services, automotive shop, dent and ding removal, all in one place, on Rte 28 in Manassas, VA.

Electronic Plus offers comprehensive repair and customization services to restore your vehicle to its former glory.

Whether you’ve been in a minor fender bender or need a complete overhaul after a significant collision or just a scratch, our team has the expertise and equipment to handle any job.

Your car will never look better after an auto accident when you bring it in to us. Get the FREE estimate you want over the phone, or stop in today to speak with one of our certified and experienced mechanics.

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Collision Repair Services

Our collision repair services encompass a wide range of repairs to get your car back on the road safely. Here’s a closer look at what we offer at the automotive shop:

Dent and Ding Removal

Minor dents and dings can be unsightly and detract from your car’s appearance.

Our technicians use advanced techniques to remove these imperfections without harming the original paint job.

PDR is a cost-effective and efficient way to restore your car’s smooth look.

Parts Replacement

Sometimes, after collisions replacing damaged parts are needed.
We have access to a wide inventory of replacement parts for major makes and models.
In at the automotive shop, we can also source special-order parts to ensure a perfect fit, replacement and restore your car’s functionality.

Full-Service Paint Jobs

For bigger repairs or a complete cosmetic makeover, you will find in our shop offers top-notch paint jobs.
We use high-quality paints and the best techniques to deliver a flawless finish that matches your car’s original paint color.

Don't Let Dings Define Your Ride

Get a Free Quote at Electronic Plus Body Shop Today!

Additional Services

Beyond collision repair, Electronic Plus Body Shop provides more services to enhance your car’s appearance and functionality:
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Window Tinting

We offer several benefits, including reducing heat buildup inside the car, protecting passengers from UV rays, and enhancing privacy.

Let us install window tint according to your desired level of darkness, complying with all local regulations.

Custom Body Kits and Spoilers

Want to personalize your car’s look?
Electronic Plus offers a selection of custom body kits and spoilers to add a touch of individuality and aerodynamic flair to your vehicle.
Our team can install these parts to ensure a seamless and stylish look.

Don't Just Fix It, Enhance It

Discover Additional Services at Electronic Plus.

Don't Just Fix It, Enhance It

Discover Additional Services at Electronic Plus.

Why Choose Electronic Plus Body Shop?

There are many reasons to choose Electronic Plus for your auto body repair needs:


Certified Technicians

Our team comprises highly skilled and certified technicians who are experienced in handling all types of collision repairs.
They stay up-to-date on the latest repair techniques and technologies to ensure the best possible results for your vehicle.


High-Quality Parts and Materials

We use only top-of-the-line parts and materials in our repairs, guaranteeing a long-lasting and reliable fix.

Advanced Equipment

Our body shop is equipped with state-of-the-art tools and technology to handle any repair job efficiently and precisely.


Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We are committed to your satisfaction. Electronic Plus offers a warranty on all our repairs, ensuring peace of mind.

Signs You Need Auto Body Repair

Didn’t find information on the specific signs your car needs body repair?
here are some general indicators to watch out for:

Visible Dents, Scratches, or Dings

Even minor dents and scratches can compromise the structural integrity of your car over time and lead to rust.
It’s advisable to solve these imperfections soon.

Misaligned Body Panels

If your car’s doors, hood, or trunk don’t seem to line up properly anymore, it could be a sign of underlying structural damage from a collision.

Cracked Windshield or Windows

Cracks in your windshield or windows can obstruct your vision and means a safety hazard.
They should be repaired or replaced immediately.

Leaking Fluids

If you notice any leaks under your car, it could be a sign of damage to the body or frame. Don’t ignore leaks, as they can indicate more serious problems.

Trouble with Doors or Trunk

Do your car doors or trunk not open or close smoothly? This could be due to misaligned panels or damaged hinges.

At Electronic Plus, we understand that dealing with auto body repairs can be stressful.
Our team will make the process as smooth and convenient as possible. We’ll provide you with a detailed estimate upfront, keep you informed throughout the repair process, and ensure your car is returned to you in pristine condition.

Don't Let Dings and Dents Steal Your Shine! Get a Free Quote from Electronic Plus Body Shop Today!

Electronic Plus Body Shop offers comprehensive collision repair for your car, from minor dent removal to full paint jobs.
Our certified staff use top-of-the-line parts and equipment to ensure a flawless and long-lasting repair, with additional services like window tinting and custom body kits available.

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