Rims and Wheels

Enhance Your Vehicle’s Beauty, Comfort & Speed by 90% Guaranteed

Do you know that Rims design can enhance the outlook of your vehicle while right wheels can help you in sustainable fuel consumption, faster rides, and comfort during traveling on rough roads?

Electronic Plus, You Are Not Changing Rims and Wheels, You Are Upgrading Your Car

At Electronic Plus, all vehicle components, parts, colors, wheels, and rims come with stamps, and original warranties from the makers/brands.

Enjoy Customization, Expert Services & Huge Range of Accessories

Electronic Plus

is not just a small ordinary workshop but a complete showroom bombard with all the facilities and accessories you require to completely customize your ride.

Customized Plan for Every customer!

We understand that every vehicle has different needs. This is the reason, we offer customized plans to our customers so they can pay without worry and enjoy good services.

Dedicated Staff for Each Customer!

When visiting our showroom, you don’t have to wait for your turn in fact you will be allotted an expert right away. They will ask you about the services you are looking for and will guide you about the process that charges low price and helps you enjoy more benefits.

Bring Old Cars & Get New Cars!

We are expert in changing the look of old cars and giving them a new outlook without damaging their vintage appeal.

Not just from the outside, but also from the inside, our serviced cars move speedily, and provide comforting rides, no matter how bad the road is.”

Electronic Plus Rims & Wheels Increases Your Rides Experience 2x

How are we so sure? Because we know what a vehicle require to perform better. We understand the right rim design and quality and the wheel which will accompany best.

Along with that, you also get emergency car enhancing services to upgrade grills, body kits, lighting options, and exhaust systems.

Second thing that makes us kings of cars is that we only work with international-standard brands and not the local ones.

Don’t have much info on brands? Leave it to us!

With 100% customer satisfaction rate, we know what is best for you. The experts, along with giving you best services, educate you about the brands and tips to manage your vehicle and self-servicing techniques.

Original Rims & Wheels with Best Prices (Guarantees Apply)

Other workshops charge huge prices and instead of giving you right rims and tires, add copies of the brands in order to save cost.

This is not the case with Electronic Plus because all vehicle components used here are original, coming with stamps, and original warranties from the makers/brands.

Plus, we also provide different guarantees on different products and services. So one thing is for sure, your money is never ever wasted with electronic plus.

You Don’t Like Our Services? Get Your Money Back!


So what are you waiting for?

Call us today or visit our showroom. Get all the details before you let us handle your car!

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Monday -Saturday: 9 30 am – 7 30 pm

At Electronic Plus, your satisfaction is our priority!